Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning

WCR staff are fully trained in all aspects of our Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning including PCN* approved non-destructive testing using a fluorescein dye penetrant.

To discuss or arrange a heat exchanger clean please contact us on 01246 856396 or by using this form.

Our full service involves:

  • Logging in of plates so that the pack can be reassembled correctly.
  • Removal of old gaskets and parts.
  • High pressure washing down of plates to remove product build up/scale.
  • Non-abrasive chemical clean to remove deposits and make sure the heat transfer area remains effective and efficient.
  • Lightbox test for detection of large visible holes and cracks.
  • Dye penetrant test for crack and pinhole detection in the plates. Critical to prevent fluid crossover.
  • Removal of dye penetrant fluid.
  • A visual inspection for surface wear and pitting corrosion.
  • Re-shaping of gasket groove to ensure the heat exchanger gaskets will seal properly against the following plate. (If necessary).
  • Removal of any glue/deposits in the heat exchanger gasket groove that may prevent proper gasket seating or adhesion of glue type gaskets using an acetone based solvent.
  • Full regasketing with the same material and method of attachment unless otherwise specified by the customer.
  • For glue in gaskets the plate pack is clamped and oven cured.
  • All gaskets are checked for correct positioning and adhesion before the pack is reassembled.
  • Additionally to the full service – If the heat exchanger is sent as a complete unit including the frame, it will then be rebuilt and tested for leaks and crossover under a hydrostatic pressure test before being sent back to the customer. We also recondition the frame where needed to prolong its useful life cycle.

*Personal Certification in Non-Destructive Testing for Heat Exchanger Cleaning.


Removal of deposits using a non-abrasive chemical clean

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Dye penetration testing

Heat Exchanger Servicing alt

Oven curing of gaskets

Heat Exchanger Cleaning & Servicing

Gaskets being checked for correct positioning and adhesion