Replacement Heat Exchanger Gaskets

All gasketed plate heat exchangers require regular maintenance to ensure that they remain efficient and leak free. Heat Exchanger Gaskets should be replaced periodically to maintain function and avoid unnecessary shutdowns. At WCR we pride ourselves on providing exemplary service using WCR replacement heat exchanger gaskets for your heat exchanger.

At WCR UK we hold large stocks of the most common types of plates and heat exchanger gaskets in our dedicated 3750 sq ft warehouse. We can adapt quantities and ranges of stock to match the requirements of our customers. For heat exchanger gaskets we do not have in stock we have access to the full WCR range from other European branches of WCR, with overnight delivery if needed.

In the case of a unit for which WCR does not currently manufacture replacement gaskets we are able to source from original manufacturers, other trusted non-original manufacturing companies and we also hold gaskets in stock for the most common of these models to reduce lead times.

WCR UK supplies replacement heat exchanger gaskets for:

Alfa laval Heat Exchanger Gaskets
APV Heat Exchanger Gaskets
Heat Exchanger Gaskets GEA
Schmidt Heat Exchanger Gaskets
tranter Heat Exchanger Gaskets
vicarb Heat Exchanger Gaskets